Marketing Flip Flop

I came across this suggestion from Jane Atkinson of Speaker Launch and love some of her ideas.  I think these items ring true for all entrepreneurs not just speakers.

“In today’s competitive climate, it shocks me to see that many speakers (entrepreneurs) still start out their home page saying things like ‘Hire John Doe for your
next meeting’.

When the economy tightens, companies and associations have to prove to their stakeholders that their budgets are spent wisely.

The marketing flip flip is about putting the outcomes to the client first, and the speaker (entrepreneur) as the solution to their problem second.

Unless you are an entertainer, celebrity or bestselling author (entrepreneur), your website should probably not be about you. It should be about the services and solutions that you offer.

Here are a few questions to help you evaluate your marketing:

1. When arriving at your website, does the client know what you will do for them (outcomes) within the first 30 seconds?

2. Is the first 1/3 of your home page about them and their needs rather than you?

3. Are you positioned as an expert and a problem solver? Or as a ‘speaker’ entrepreneur ?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions consider doing a marketing flip flop to switch the order of your home page copy to be more client and
outcome oriented.”

Hope this helps CliffMKS – speak to me

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