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As I was setting up my own blog business process I wanted to set up an easy business process.  The reason being I do not want to spend more than 20 minutes a day gathering ideas to blog.  As such here are some suggestions and I trust you to send me your own ideas.

First the following link was a great start and many thanks to Kelvin;

My business process  suggestions;

1. Set up Google Alerts (Cathy told me to)

2. Set Up a new GMail account so I can revise and/or stop in the future without interfering with my regular email account.  I do not intend using the for anything but alerts. Go to to set up email.

3.  Forward new GMail account to personal email because I only want to check one email acount.  You will need to do a wait and verify process that takes less than 5 minutes.

4. Set up Google Alerts ( I decided to set it up once a day to receive alerts.  A quick note – the time you set it up is about the time it alerts you every day in the future.  So you may want to set up first alerts about an hour before you usually want to look at them.

5. Wait to start soaking up alerts.

My first attempts are pretty simple.  I set up three alerts – one for mks learning centre OR self employment calgary OR myers norris penny self employment – another for cliff spyker – and last new start up marketing.  I expect to revise over the next months.  I set up alerts for SE program and MNP to keep alerted about local action and competitors, MKS and my name to be alert about what is being said about us.  I hope something.

According to the CEO of Google “every two days we fill the web with enough new data to equal all the information created between the dawn of civilization and 2003.”

Please send me your ideas and suggestions to make my blogging better and easier.

Safe journey and have fun- CliffMKS

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  1. Hey Cliff,

    In addition to Google Alerts, another great way to come up with blog topic ideas is to set up an RSS reader, like Google Reader, with a bunch of news feeds of other industry related blogs. This way when you open up your reader of choice you will have a snapshot of what the trending topics are in your industry.


  2. CliffMKS says:

    RSS Feeds? I have heard about them but not sure how to set up can you recommend a website reference for info?

  3. Hey Cliff,

    This is a link to the Google Reader Getting Started guide.

    The process could be slightly different should you decide to use a different reader. Let me know if you need any help or have any questions.

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