Internet Business Models

I am very excited we are having a Breakfast Club this week about making money on the web.  Our guest is Brent Truitt of Bonavista Web.  Brent was part of the MKS Self Employment Program over five years ago and now runs a very successful internet business.

He is coming to speak to us about “What he has learned and how to make money”.  I am very excited to have an in house expert speaking with us.  To register go to Register for MKS Breakfast Club and join us February 18th, 2011 at 8 am for breakfast.

I am trying to twist Brent’s arm into giving us a hands on workshop.  Brent currently sets up Blogs for businesses for a $1,700 fee.  I think we can talk him into doing a workshop at MKS for our students.  I will keep trying.

Safe Journey and have Fun Cliff

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Marketing Flip Flop

I came across this suggestion from Jane Atkinson of Speaker Launch and love some of her ideas.  I think these items ring true for all entrepreneurs not just speakers.

“In today’s competitive climate, it shocks me to see that many speakers (entrepreneurs) still start out their home page saying things like ‘Hire John Doe for your
next meeting’.

When the economy tightens, companies and associations have to prove to their stakeholders that their budgets are spent wisely.

The marketing flip flip is about putting the outcomes to the client first, and the speaker (entrepreneur) as the solution to their problem second.

Unless you are an entertainer, celebrity or bestselling author (entrepreneur), your website should probably not be about you. It should be about the services and solutions that you offer.

Here are a few questions to help you evaluate your marketing:

1. When arriving at your website, does the client know what you will do for them (outcomes) within the first 30 seconds?

2. Is the first 1/3 of your home page about them and their needs rather than you?

3. Are you positioned as an expert and a problem solver? Or as a ‘speaker’ entrepreneur ?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions consider doing a marketing flip flop to switch the order of your home page copy to be more client and
outcome oriented.”

Hope this helps CliffMKS – speak to me

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Strategies for Growing Client Base

A couple of students suggested the need to set up systems to thank clients as an important process to growing more clients.  DeniseSE150 even went so far to provide us with an example;


Also KatieSE161 is a perfect tie in because she has gift baskets for Thanksgiving.

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MKS Learning Centre Blog Contest

Man I have no life.  I went out for a walk this evening and was listening to the radio and they had a contest.  I thought why don’t we have a contest.  So here goes.

Post your ideas for getting new clients, tips strategies anything that keeps you focused or contacting potential customers.  The best ideas each month get a fantastic prize.  I was thinking a brand new home wireless router but that is just what I need.  Anyway we will post this week the prize idea if you post the marketing ideas. CliffMKS

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SpykerNotes Blog Tips to grow a Startup Micro Business

I have been speaking these last two weeks to some of the new groups SE 153, SE 160 and SE 161 about the value of time management.  Not surprisingly pretty much everyone hates time reports.  Myself included.  However we had some excellent discussions and came up with some recommendations.

First you should start to track your time invested in the business.  By measuring something it is the only way we can get better.  It does not matter if you are investing 10 hours a week or 60 hours a week we want to increase our productivity and efficiency.

1. I recommend keeping track of your time in five areas. Work, Admin, Sales, Planning and Idea Development.

2. Track three ratios every month

Total Revenue divided by Total Hours is a recovery rate that indicates your overall earnings,

Total Revenue divided by Total Work Hours is a chargeout rate which indicates your billing efficiency, and

Work Hours divided by Total Hours is a Utilization rate indicating your productivity to earnings.

3. Keep these results to yourself for the first six months until you start to improve.  I found the first year results very humbling as I was totally inefficient.

These three ratios can really move you forward in earnings and are an excellent process to get better.  You can get an excel spreadsheet time report in our documents sections.  If you have any suggestions please leave a comment or email me directly.  CliffMKS

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Give Spunk To Your Business Plan: Entrepreneurship

I came across this article on line and felt great that MKSL has been stressing the marketing part of your business plan.

Viewpoint by Rajeev Arora, Entrepreneur, WCW Columnist

“As a serial entrepreneurial I cannot stress enough the importance of writing a serious business plan and its value for a start-up. A complete business plan includes extensive information in the marketing section regarding the market segment a venture plans to focus on, marketing strategy to capture the targeted segment, and future growth plan of the venture.

This information is considered the core of any business plan since this section supports the revenue model on which investors weigh profit potential.”

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Greetings Pick A Square

As I was setting up my own blog business process I wanted to set up an easy business process.  The reason being I do not want to spend more than 20 minutes a day gathering ideas to blog.  As such here are some suggestions and I trust you to send me your own ideas.

First the following link was a great start and many thanks to Kelvin;

My business process  suggestions;

1. Set up Google Alerts (Cathy told me to)

2. Set Up a new GMail account so I can revise and/or stop in the future without interfering with my regular email account.  I do not intend using the for anything but alerts. Go to to set up email.

3.  Forward new GMail account to personal email because I only want to check one email acount.  You will need to do a wait and verify process that takes less than 5 minutes.

4. Set up Google Alerts ( I decided to set it up once a day to receive alerts.  A quick note – the time you set it up is about the time it alerts you every day in the future.  So you may want to set up first alerts about an hour before you usually want to look at them.

5. Wait to start soaking up alerts.

My first attempts are pretty simple.  I set up three alerts – one for mks learning centre OR self employment calgary OR myers norris penny self employment – another for cliff spyker – and last new start up marketing.  I expect to revise over the next months.  I set up alerts for SE program and MNP to keep alerted about local action and competitors, MKS and my name to be alert about what is being said about us.  I hope something.

According to the CEO of Google “every two days we fill the web with enough new data to equal all the information created between the dawn of civilization and 2003.”

Please send me your ideas and suggestions to make my blogging better and easier.

Safe journey and have fun- CliffMKS

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